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    For Cod & Country

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More on Sustainable Seafood

  • Photo: Menhaden fish

    Save the Menhaden, Help Save the Ocean

    New policies up for passing this week could protect this small fish, used extensively for livestock feed and health products, but also by other sealife as a major food source.

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    TIME Magazine Features Barton Seaver

    Read more in the magazine's Ecocentric blog on Barton's prescription for switching from standard seafood fare to more obscure and less threatened species. "I think Seaver is onto something with his seafood philosophy, which he expounds in a new cookbook called For Cod and Country," writes blogger Bryan Walsh.

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    Conservation Never Tasted So Good

    Utilizing principles and recipes from his new cookbook, For Cod and Country, Chef and NG Fellow Barton Seaver, addressed big issues affecting the ocean through the shared experience of a great dinner.

  • Image: Seafood Decision Guide tool

    Seafood Decision Guide

    When you eat seafood, what impact are you having on your health and the health of the ocean? Find out where your favorite fish ranks in this tool.

  • Photo: Salmon with vegetables

    Sustainable Seafood

    Learn how we can balance our tastes with what's right for the oceans.

  • Photo: Frozen shrimp

    Frozen Seafood Benefits

    With today's technology, the fish you pull from your freezer is delicious, nutritious, more economical, and often better for the environment—and fishermen—than fresh-caught seafood.

  • Photo: Display of fresh seafood in market in London England.

    Ocean-Friendly Seafood Substitutes

    Learn how to make sustainable choices when selecting your favorite seafood.

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    Join Barton Seaver in a new series exploring sustainability, community, and environmental concerns as they relate to one of the world’s most common rituals—dinner.

  • Photo: Barton Seaver giving a talk at TED conference.

    Sustainable Seafood? Let's Get Smart

    Watch Barton's TED talk aboard the Mission Blue Voyage in 2010.

Barton Seaver, Chef/Conservationist

  • Photo: Barton Seaver

    Barton Seaver is a chef and National Geographic Fellow who has dedicated his career to restoring the relationship we have with our ocean. It is his belief that the choices we are making for dinner are directly impacting the ocean and its fragile ecosystems.

Barton's Recipes

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For Cod and Country

Order your copy of Barton's new cookbook, For Cod and Country, which features fish caught in each season and ideas for preparation, seasonings, and lists of alternate fish to substitute in these new dishes.

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Engage, Conserve, Restore

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    Freshwater Initiative

    The National Geographic Society’s freshwater initiative is a multi-year global effort to inspire and empower individuals and communities to conserve freshwater and preserve the extraordinary diversity of life that rivers, lakes, and wetlands sustain.