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About Cook-Wise

Join chef and conservationist Barton Seaver in a new series exploring sustainability, community, and environmental concerns as they relate to one of the world’s most common rituals—dinner.

Follow Seaver—a National Geographic fellow—as he goes on location to meet fishermen, farmers, and scientists working to bring sustainable food to the dinner table. In each episode, learn how a specific ingredient can make a difference to the health of our blue planet, and meet the communities and individuals at the heart of the food supply.

Watch their compelling stories, followed up with simple recipes and cooking tips, and be inspired to take action when planning your next meal.

More Cook-Wise Webisodes

  • Photo: Grilled rockfish

    The Sweet Taste of Success

    The striped bass represents one of the greatest success stories in conservation to date. Join waterman Rick Morlock and the Blue Ocean Institute’s Carl Safina to discuss the phenomenon and catch a few beauties to grill up Seaver-style.

  • Photo: Sparkling wine

    Wine From Water

    Discover how the ocean influences a California vineyard and the sparkling wines it produces in this episode of Cook-Wise, featuring chef Barton Seaver on location in Sonoma Valley.

  • Photo: Oysters

    Environmentalism on the Half Shell

    Follow Barton Seaver as he visits the owners of a hundred-year-old oyster company who are working to keep the famous oysters on the map—and on our plates.

  • Picture: Menhaden

    Size Matters

    Join Barton Seaver on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and learn why a little fish called menhaden has a big importance to the health of the ocean.

  • ocean-cook-wise-ep6.jpg

    Chicken by the Sea

    Slow-roasted chicken and late summer vegetables are on chef Barton Seaver's menu when he visits the Chesapeake Bay.

Barton's Recipes

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Seafood Resources

Seafood Quiz

  • Photo: Fish on ice at a fish market

    What's the Best Choice?

    Are you up to speed on seafood production and sustainability? Put your seafood smarts to the test in this quiz.

We are committed to protecting the last wild places in the ocean.

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Barton Seaver, Chef/Conservationist

  • Photo: Barton Seaver

    Barton Seaver is a chef who has dedicated his career to restoring the relationship we have with our ocean. It is his belief that the choices we are making for dinner are directly impacting the ocean and its fragile ecosystems.

Watch Barton's TED Talk: Sustainable Seafood? Let's Get Smart »

Support the Ocean

Engage, Conserve, Restore

  • Photo: Sunset at waterfalls

    Freshwater Initiative

    The National Geographic Society’s freshwater initiative is a multi-year global effort to inspire and empower individuals and communities to conserve freshwater and preserve the extraordinary diversity of life that rivers, lakes, and wetlands sustain.