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What We Do

The National Geographic Society focuses its efforts on ocean conservation through the Pristine Seas program. Pristine Seas is an exploration, research, and media project to find, survey, and help protect the last wild places in the ocean.

These pristine places are unknown by all but long-distance fishing fleets, which have started to encroach on them. It is essential that we let the world know that these places exist, that they are threatened, and that they deserve to be protected. Learn More

Latest Ocean News & Issues

Ocean Innovations

  • Picture of Kevin O'Malley with fluke in Montauk, NY

    New Models for Conservation

    National Geographic is helping identify and support individuals and organizations that are using creative and entrepreneurial approaches to marine conservation.

More About the Ocean

  • Image: Seafood Decision Guide

    Find Healthy and Sustainable Seafood

    Are you eating the right seafood? The Seafood Decision Guide will help you determine the impact of your seafood choices on your health and the health of the ocean.

  • Photo: Fishermen with their tuna catch in Spain

    Protecting the Ocean

    The oceans are facing threats from many sides. Learn about the issues—pollution, overfishing, and global warming chief among them—and the possible solutions.

Why We Need Marine Reserves

Ninety percent of the large predators in the ocean are gone and their populations have collapsed. The reason for this is that we have taken too many fish out of the sea, and we keep taking more before the remaining populations are able to reproduce.

Watch this video where Mel, the “very weird” fish, will show you how marine reserves can help fish populations recover, and why we need many more.

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