Pristine Seas is an exploration, research, and media project to find, survey, and help protect the last wild places in the ocean. These pristine places are unknown by all but long-distance fishing fleets, which have started to encroach on them. It is essential that we let the world know that these places exist, that they are threatened, and that they deserve to be protected.

Latest Expedition: Mozambique

The National Geographic Pristine Seas team recently completed an expedition to the southern coast of Mozambique, a region that is home to some of the healthiest populations of marine megafauna such as manta rays, dugongs, and whale sharks.

Expedition Leader Paul Rose led a group of key scientists and filmmakers to explore, survey, and document these terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Together with National Geographic Emerging Explorer Andrea Marshall and the Marine Megafauna Foundation, the team will conduct a comprehensive, quantitative assessment of what they expect to be some of the healthiest East African reefs.

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    Greatest Threat to Mediterranean Fish

    Enric Sala reveals what is even more dangerous than pollution, invasive species, or climate change.

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    First Sights From Mozambique

    Divers capture strange species and stunning colors in the first photos from our latest Pristine Seas expedition.

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    Rose's Childhood Dream Come True

    Franz Josef Land Expedition Leader Paul Rose shares the thrill as he arrives at the site of Fritdjof Nansen's winter shelter, a place he's dreamed of visiting since childhood.

  • gabon-expedition-ep.jpg

    Gabon Expedition

    Enric Sala, Mike Fay, and their team surveyed the little known underwater life in Gabon, hoping to shed light on an underwater paradise.

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Video: NG Live! Pitcairn Islands

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala dives deep into the waters of one of the most pristine places on Earth—the Pitcairn Islands—only to discover its delicate ecosystem is not as unspoiled as it may seem.

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