Pristine Seas

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We work to restore the health and resilience of the ocean using a combination of exploration, scientific research, economic and policy analysis, and compelling media. We work with:

Global Leaders: Heads of state, parliaments, and legislatures can set aside new marine protected areas and work with partners—including the community, tourism operators, nongovernmental organizations, and even the military—to help manage these areas over time. Like national parks, marine protected areas not only need to be set aside, but also managed over time.

Local Communities are often the most supportive of the creation of new marine protected areas. This designation often brings in new tourism and other revenue. National Geographic works closely with local leaders to educate and to build support for protection of our pristine seas.

Business Leaders have seen the opportunities ecotourism presents. Revenue from tourism can help countries and territories to offset—and often increase—revenues from other sources.

Partner Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) are often a crucial part of our work. They can help to build and improve relationships with key constituencies; work with local, regional, and national leaders; and help set up long-term management programs.

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