"The powerful Mozambique currents and big seas have demanded respect, and the only way we could make progress in the early days of our expedition was to take our chances and dive on the wild side."—Paul Rose, Pristine Seas expedition leader

Photograph by Manu San Felix

Picture of diver with potato cod in Mozambique
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The southern coast of Mozambique is home to some of the healthiest populations of megafauna such as manta rays, dugongs, and whale sharks.

During the month of April 2014, Pristine Seas expedition leader Paul Rose led a group of key scientists and filmmakers to explore, survey, and document the area's terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Together with National Geographic Emerging Explorer Andrea Marshall and the Marine Megafauna Foundation, the team conducted a comprehensive, quantitative assessment of some of the healthiest East African reefs.


A World Apart

An underwater paradise in the remote Pacific Ocean will be protected—thanks in part to National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project.

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