Pristine Seas

Niue Island Expedition

Picture of Niue Island

Photograph by Design Pics/National Geographic Creative

This time out, the Pristine Seas team is exploring the remote island of Niue — a large raised coral atoll, located in the South Pacific between Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. Otherwise known as “The Rock”, Niue’s unique island terrain offers bountiful opportunities to observe both marine and terrestrial biodiversity. A wide variety of geological features dot the island’s coast, from steep limestone cliffs, to caves and sharp exposed coral formations. Lying 120 nautical miles from the main island is Beveridge Reef, a submerged atoll that has not yet undergone a thorough scientific survey but enjoys a significant array of marine life that may be in a nearly pristine condition owing to its isolation and remoteness.

Using a variety of observation and sampling techniques including drop cameras, SCUBA surveys, and micropaleo benthic sampling, our team will analyze the conservation potential of Beveridge Reef and the Niuean near shore waters.

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