• A sea otter eating shellfish.

    Cat Parasite Killing Sea Otters?

    "Implausible" Toxins Uncovered in Pacific

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The oceans are facing threats from many sides. Learn about the issues—pollution, overfishing, and global warming chief among them—and the possible solutions for protecting the ocean.

More About Ocean Issues

  • Oil floats off the bow of a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

    6 Gulf Oil Spill Surprises

    The Gulf oil spill delivered plenty of surprises—here's a look at some of the predictions experts got wrong.

  • Image: Noisy ocean story graphic

    Noisy Ocean

    The sounds of ships, from air guns to propellers, are on the increase, disrupting the lives of marine dwellers.

  • Declining Fish

    World fish stocks may run out by 2048, reveals a new report from Science magazine.

  • Algae blooms in the Baltic Sea.

    World's Largest Dead Zone

    Oxygen-sucking algae are blooming in the Baltic due to farm fertilizers and overfishing—and new efforts to stop the disaster may be too late, experts say.

Support the Ocean

Your Ocean

  • Photo: Clown anemonefish

    For Kids

    Learn about the ocean with activities, photos, and games.

  • Photo: A school of fish and a shark swim in a coral reef.

    Ocean Education

    Bring engaging and important ocean learning to your classroom.

Explore the Ocean

  • shark-eden-ocena-store-promo.jpg

    Ocean Life

    Order ocean books, DVDs, maps, and more from the National Geographic online store.

  • <p>Photo: Leopard seals on a glacier</p>

    Ocean Special Issue

    Explore the world's oceans, from their prehistoric beginnings to modern-day efforts to preserve their natural wonder.

  • Photo: Ocean Atlas from National Geographic

    Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas

    Immerse yourself in the wonders of the deep through colorful maps, photos, and satellite images.

National Geographic Magazine

  • Photo: Aerial of a detached Great Barrier Reef

    Great Barrier Reef Photo Gallery

    From tiny coral polyps grew a marvel: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Could it all come crumbling down?

  • Photo: Flooded slums of Dhaka, Bangledesh

    Bangladesh Photo Gallery

    The people of Bangladesh have much to teach us about how a crowded planet can best adapt to rising sea levels. For them, that future is now.

  • Photo: Weaver ants building a nest in Malaysia

    Weaver Ants

    With a remarkable array of communication skills, weaver ants may have perfected social networking.

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