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When you eat seafood, what impact are you having on the ocean and its interdependent and increasingly vulnerable marine population? Today’s health, safety, and sustainability considerations can make it complicated to determine the best seafood choices for you and your family. This interactive guide compiles all the information you need to continue to eat healthfully while lowering your seafood footprint. Use it to find out where your favorite fish ranks in sustainability, toxicity, and omega-3 content, as well its place in the food chain—and why it matters.

More About Seafood

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    Seafood Print

    Fishermen remove more than 170 billion pounds of wildlife a year from the seas. A new study suggests that our current appetite could soon lead to a worldwide fisheries collapse.

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    Join chef and conservationist Barton Seaver in a new series exploring sustainability, community, and environmental concerns as they relate to one of the world’s most common rituals—dinner.

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    Ocean-Friendly Seafood Substitutes

    Learn how to make sustainable choices when selecting your favorite seafood.

Seafood Quiz

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    What's the Best Choice?

    Are you up to speed on seafood production and sustainability? Put your seafood smarts to the test in this quiz.

We are committed to protecting the last wild places in the ocean.

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Your Ocean

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    For Kids

    Learn about the ocean with activities, photos, and games.

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    Ocean Education

    Bring engaging and important ocean learning to your classroom.

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    Ocean Life

    Order ocean books, DVDs, maps, and more from the National Geographic online store.

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    Ocean Special Issue

    Explore the world's oceans, from their prehistoric beginnings to modern-day efforts to preserve their natural wonder.

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    Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas

    Immerse yourself in the wonders of the deep through colorful maps, photos, and satellite images.